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Computer Instruction

Effective One-on-One Help!

Receive instruction to use your devices such as desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets. Also learn about your software suxh as Windows, Office, Photoshop and various coding languages. $40 per hour.

Software Installation

Providing The Latest Tools!

Whether you need Windows reinstalled or a program for school or work, software packages can be professionally installed into your device. Prices vary. FREE one-hour instruction on your software package!

Peripheral & Network Setup

Stay Connected With The 21st!

Providing installation of such hardware like RAM Sticks, Audio/Video Cards as well as setting up or enhancing exisiting home/business/cable networks and wireless internet (wi-fi). Starting at $40.

Applicstions Development

Over 20 Years of Coding!!

Are you an individual or company seeking a strong coder? Your next app for all of your devices is just a few project meetings away from being in the works to completion! Proficient in VB, C#, etc...

Video Editing & Preservation

Backup Your Cherished Memories!

VHS and cassette tapes won't last forever! Get your prized film footage and audio recordings transferred onto DVD! 1-25 DVD count starting at $25. Leave a message for quotes on higher DVD counts.

Data Recovery

Get Back Those Deleted Files!

Oh no! Is your hard drive corrupted? All of your pictures music and video gone forever? Great news! In most cases your files CAN be recovered using data forensic technology! Starting at $99.


To ensure that all possibilies of learning, entertainment and opening the minds of diversed people can be achieved by working towards unforeseen levels that are never imagined by anyone else. Striving to offer the world the highest level of fulfillment and enjoyment through our various works. We believe in our hearts that at VentionsX, the next level is here!


I am Michael Sommerville, Jr. At the age of six, I was introduced to a machine called a computer. I was very impressed with what a computer could do. Back then, Apple computers were in. In Christmas of 1989, I asked my parents for an Apple IIc. Eight months later, I also received a program for the Apple IIc called "Logo". With Logo, I created programs that consisted of math, art designs and gaming. It wasn't until next Christmas (1990) that I was introduced to... the Nintendo Entertainment System. After a few hours of playing Super Mario Bros., I already knew that I wanted to grow up to be a video game developer.

Many years passed with me playing and making many games. It wasn't until my early 20's that I had no idea how I would get my ideas off the ground. When I began to volunteer in different teaching organizations, it later came to my attention that I could make high precision educational software tools to help enhance a pupil's understanding to better absorb the subject they are studying. First came "Get To Learning!!". That application had opened up many possibilities for me to sell more other games of different genres... and I became more than just a Video Game Developer. I realized that I was blessed to make anything I put my mind into... making me into an Applications Developer.

Presently, thanks to the many different people from all walks of life that I've met, I have built a bridge to a wealth of information and lasting friendships. I am truly thankful for everyone's support, especially the Lord, Jesus Christ/Yah. I am blessed to own a little part of this World Wide Web... and I call it "VentionsX".

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